How to make money on your weekends as a flight attendant?

Looking for EXTRA Money as a flight attendant during your days and vacations? without getting a second job.

You have long distances outside the port of your home, but you prefer to just stay in your hotel and relax. You are tired of your vacation days and just want to find ways to make money from home. If you are flying, if you want to make extra money, everyone is comfortable in your home or hotel, then you have come to the right place.

Flying is quite tiring. No one wants to go back to another job after pulling carts and making sure all passengers are nourished and safe. Especially after turning around and taking a long flight, very early in the morning or late in the evening.

Here's an example of how you can make an extra $ 1,000 – $ 5,000 a month or even more by implementing these "working smart" strategies without getting a second job as a flight attendant.

1. Buy low sell high– Buy items from your pre-production country and sell them at higher prices in your home port or another city. For example, you can sell a Longchamp bag in the states with 30-40% mark when you go from Paris and still have a competitive price. Apple products in the US are cheaper than the retail price in Asia. Take advantage of your travel opportunities and post your stuff on eBay, Craigslist or create your many online shopping sites.

2. Buy Duty Free and Sell– In addition to not having to pay sales tax, airports are usually given an additional 10-15% off at Duty Free Shops at the airport. This can be a total savings of up to 25% compared to regular store prices. So, if you know someone who wants to buy Macy's perfume bottles, get them for them at the Duty Free store at the airport for the next flight, and you go there for the money, with extra cash in hand.

And …

3. Write Articles on the Internet– aka. "Blogging". Yes. Sharing "what you know" on the Internet can make you serious cash. A Texas boy with a $ 10,000 DVD made a huge $ 100,000 from magazine advertising "how to install a security camera in storage." How did the magazine find out about his DVD? They found his BLOG on Google.

As well-experienced travelers, flight attendants are equipped with the know-how and purpose of restaurants that do not want to fly to certain locations. Why make money writing about your passions and what you know?

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Billiards Salon – It's a name we don't often hear about

First of all, what is the definition of a billiards salon?

According to the online dictionary, this is a room where billiards are played.

This is a pretty self-explanatory definition. The dictionary also referred to the billiards room, the billiards room, the billiards room and the billiards room.

We here in Colorado never refer to it as a salon. We'll say, let's go to the pool, or let's go to the bar and paint a pool. Sometimes we will simply refer to the billiard room by name. (Let's go to Side Pocket or Let & # 39; s go to Diamond Jim & # 39; s).

I think no matter what name you use, they are all in the room where billiards are played.

I have found a billiard salon for a phrase or name that I used to do some billiard research. Interestingly, 95,546 searches were made for this phrase last month. This was in second place for the billiards search term, which was 416,838 searches for the month.

The name makes me paint like a large pool. Maybe even a pool that is not a bar. You know the halls of good old-fashioned pools that only sell soda pop and pay for tables by the hour. It seems like these billiard rooms are finding us far and wide between these days.

I owned a little non-alcoholic pool room in the late 80's. We did some good work there. You can usually find a money game, and we used to play Saturday tournaments that filled the house.

When I saw the term billiards salon, I just had to write an article about what it means to me. I typed the phrase into Google search and returned 551,000 search results. On the first page there was one talking about Armenian player John von Schmidt and his new pool, called the Nine Mile Billiards Hall.

I think even though the name is not as common as it used to be, people still think about swimming pools at the edge of their tongue. I'm just sitting here writing about it, and I feel like I'm shooting some pool right now.

Don't you say that this term even adds a touch of class to your pocket billiards game?

Today, I have a league meeting in a small tavern with a 7-foot Veli table. I would say we can treat this as a salon. Do you agree with that?

Post your comment questions and stories below. I would love to hear from you.

To the success of your race.


Consequences of text message:

According to Nielsen, the average American teenager sends and receives 2,272 messages per month. This is about 80 messages a day. In fact, text messaging is so widespread that 40% of North American mobile phone users (as of 2006) are actively using SMS. In Europe the average is 85%. The use of text messaging around the world has grown rapidly. In 2000, 17 billion text messages were sent. By 2004, that number had reached nearly 500 billion, making up almost 85 text messages worldwide.

The popularity of text messages has put people in positive and negative situations. For example, former Mayer Quam Kilpatrick of Detroit turned his whole life upside down over sex-related text messages. He went from the youngest to the only mayor charged with a crime in Detroit. On the positive side, text messages are used as a source of information and reminders. Many credit card companies provide SMS reminders for upcoming dates. With the growing popularity of Internet-enabled mobile phones, people will be able to pay their bills after receiving the alert. In addition, you can send a text message to Google to find out directions, weather, flight status, sports units, and more. Services like ChaCha allow us to answer any of our questions. What you do is ask ChaCha, and the living person will send you a message within minutes of answering your question. However, these convenient services, as well as general text messages, have their effect.

Many experts agree that text messaging has served worse than good, especially for adolescents. There are obvious safety concerns, especially with the recent suggestions to ban text messages while driving. This obviously distracts drivers, endangering other drivers and pedestrians. Even as people walk, most people pay attention to typing their messages instead of what's in front of them. In particularly busy areas I have noticed that people are still not paying attention. The next day, I was walking the Times Square and was very upset with people who suddenly stopped in the middle of the pavement to give a message. That, and a combination of tourists, makes Times Square a trap.

Teens are easily distracted from school. Instead of paying attention in classrooms, students leave classes. I've seen it happen a lot in college. Especially in high schools, this leads to bad grades for grades and poor reporting. Some children send their friends late, which experts believe may have a significant effect on sleep. I have seen many people struggle in college because they use their phones so much. I think this is because when you are sending a text message, you are likely to come to mind. Thus, the answer means a tendency to respond immediately to distract you (by studying). I could see it always happened in my school library. Finding a table especially in the final round will take forever. It is really frustrating when people are in the study area but just sitting there typing in their phones. During group projects there is always a child who keeps pulling out his / her phone to send a message. This creates a huge deviation from work and has a significant impact. I've also read articles that provide instances of students using text messages to cheat. Although teachers and lecturers say that phones do not test, they never apply the rule.

I would think that increasing cell phone use, especially for text messaging, could have negative consequences for your hands. The concept of a message is similar to typing, which has proven to be a problem for many. Although text messages are not as comprehensive as computer keyboard use, the increase used may still be sufficient to cause musculoskeletal disorder. However, data on this topic are very limited.

What would you say about using English? We believe that the use of abbreviations, short messages and inaccurate sentences can lead to incorrect language skills. Although text messages are brief, they are sent as often as they can affect linguistics. Many experts feel this way: however, others present interesting counterarguments. Text messages may not be too bad. Some experts add that the use of abbreviations is a new form of communication that shows dexterity and creativity. This mode of communication expands our linguistic abilities and shows ingenuity. There are times when people are caught up in academic work using the "text message language" while at the same time harming others.

I have outlined several ways text messages can benefit individuals. Another way is that this method of communication connects people. Many people are in constant contact with each other. They have a great interest in knowing what is going on in people's lives, and they disseminate information that would not otherwise come about. Some conversations, or at least discussion topics, will never arise in direct conversations. Sometimes this is because we are too scared or forgetful in the future. There are other situations where sending a text message may be more appropriate than talking on the phone (in a quiet public place). So it gives a lot of comfort and doesn't distract from others.

I have mentioned many ways text messages can harm a person. I am fully aware that these comments are only valid through reliable data and statistical analysis. However, the rise in text messaging is a recent phenomenon, and insufficient data is available to make conclusions. Many experts have developed a number of hypotheses that hope to be tested in the near future. I have come across several studies but have found numerous flaws that lead to inaccurate arguments. Some studies involve multiple students in one special high school, which leads to invalid results. I chose not to share this data or conclusions for that reason. For further study, it would be interesting to classify the data by type of cell phone (compare a regular phone versus a smart phone and see if there are any significant differences in effects, positive or negative).

The Benefits of Planning Your Vacation Early

Statistics show that most beach rental properties across the country are fixed in early spring. Planning your vacation ahead of time gives you several advantages.

First, most of the rental properties are still available, and you and your family have a very good chance of finding the perfect rental home. Availability calendars are likely to have numerous openings (if not nearly empty), and you can rent your rental home for a week, two weeks or a whole month without any problems. Book your dream home as much as you need to enjoy the summer to the fullest.

Second, many rental companies offer early bird discounts and specials during the season. Get the most out of your beach vacation without paying for any wealth. Planning a beach retreat in advance allows you to compare prices and find the best rental and event ticket deals while they are still available.

And third, many beach rental companies, restaurants, adventure tours and other companies work together offering vacation packages to vacationers. Look for local directories to find events in local country clubs, museums, restaurants and the beach. Local restaurants and wineries often present coupons and special offers on travel sites and discount sites such as Groupon, Living Social and other discount sites. Warning. Pay close attention to the fine print of the coupon. make sure it is valid at the beach vacation of your dream.

Planning your dream ahead of time will help you save some money not only on rented house and event tickets, but also on airfare. Early booking your tickets will give you many benefits, including the best prices and the best seats.

When is the best time to start? How about this weekend? Get together with your family and friends to begin the process of planning your vacation. Don't have time to meet or live in different cities? Use Skype, Google Hangout, or put your phone to the speaker and start preparing. It may seem that you still have time and there are many beach rental properties but there are just as many vacations. You know that early bird gets worm, but early planner gets the best deal. Save time and money by planning your beach vacation in advance. Thank you for your friends, family and your wallet.

Free clothing forever

There are many places where you can find free clothing, the sky is the limit for what you can find, and the different styles you encounter.

Here I would like to list some places where you can find free clothes. Check it out below:

1]: One place that worked well for me is the pirate. Just sign up for an account and place the ad in your "desired" section in your city and state, then explain in your ad that you are looking for free clothing and describe the type of clothing you are looking for, including size and fabrics, etc.

2]: Look in your phone book for nonprofits that help women, or visit Women's Alliance and Dress for Success online.

3]: Garage sales are a great way to get free clothes. Just keep an eye on the garage sales in your area, clothes are not always on sale in garages, and many times the seller will be willing to provide them for free if you put them next and at the end. day and ask them what they are going to do with the rest of the clothes, and most of all, you can be lucky.

4]: Contact the churches and ask them if they can contact you for an organization or company that can help you with free clothing. Believe me, outside of all these churches, someone will always help you.

5]: There are also many sites that offer free clothing, just do some Google search for "free clothing", "free help" and more.

You want free clothes, you got it now.

Solving "I & # 39; I'm not a fan of beer. "

As a college kid, I notice that many people throw beer because they hate the taste (probably because it's usually cheap beer). It really kills me when people decide to completely ignore beer because of one or more bad experiences. I am firmly convinced that there is beer (or vinegar) for everyone there. My biggest advice is not to be afraid of trying anything. In one of my other posts I talked about B. Nektar & # 39; s Zombie Killer Cider. This would be a great option for those who prefer not to drink beer. This can open up a whole new world for you, stimulating you. It is an apple / cherry apple cider with notes of honey, and it is very crisp, like the apple should actually be. It's not as sweet as some apples, and it has the right amount of carbon.

For those who have not completely given up beer, I recommend fruit juices. My favorites are Belgian Blue Moon White, Shock Top Lemon Shandy, Lost Coast Mandarin and Belgian New Glarus Red. Everyone is delicious, Blue Blue has orange spices, Shock Top has lemon, Lost Coast has mandarin, and New Glarus is a cherry flavored beer. For those who don't like fruit beer, I suggest something that is traditional like cereals and pies. My current favorite is Kona Brewing Company & # 39; s is Big Wave Golden Ale. It is a little different to take the traditional ales that are drunk here in the United States. Another great company is the New Belgium Brewery. They have a variety of beers ranging from IPA and # 39 and foxes to seasonal beers, which are great for all seasons.

Going on, don't just rely on the store to try to drink beer. There are beers in the United States every year. Some small breweries may have beer for you. Do a little Google search and find some nearby and visit them. Most of them will visit at least a cool place on a boring Saturday. I recommend buying the grower if you are going to do this tactic. Most breweries will fill up your growler if you already have one. I've probably had six different beers in my day, and I did well in each. If you don't want a whole brewer, most brewers will make beer flights in as many samples as you want. This is a great way to taste what they have. If you particularly like one, go ahead and get a whole bunch.

I also found that beer is also a great ingredient for making. If you still do not like to drink beer, at least include it in your food. There are some complicated (and simple) beers that can take your dishes to the next level. From simple foods such as dipping cheese and beer broths to more sophisticated soups, sauces, crisps and even desserts, beer can be a great ingredient. Do a little Google search again or go to and just type in beer. I just went to the food chain and there were 214 pages about beer. Surely there will be something that seems a bit appetizing.

In conclusion, do not be afraid to go out there and try beer (or vinegar). It is a very versatile product. It comes in many forms and spices, which can be enjoyed in many ways. If you really do not like beer, at least give it a shot or try to cook it with beer. There I still have a little hope for beer when you try to go to a local brewery at some point. You may find that they have something you like. I also recommend starting with more refreshing beers, like fruit beer. They are not as bitter as some pale ales or crazy complex like other heavy beers.

Aviation Headphones and Their Importance to Pilots:

An aviation headset is a device that protects us from long-term hearing problems and helps us stay in touch with our team as well as our air traffic control system. Incredibly we find that pilots often find out how to handle headphones that do not meet special needs. Many are annoyed by their current comfort and constantly have headaches and earaches to start disorders and reduce safety. Other pilots are disappointed with the breakdown of the headphones, and have been fully functional for durability. Many other pilots affect the brand image, and it is assumed that the highest price equals the most useful product.

Our headphones are gadgets used by pilots and crew around the world flying anything from military transport, helicopters, business planes. Although the goals are as different as the controlled aircraft, many of us became pilots out of the desire to fly. Never let the headset, with a lack of comfort or endurance, rob that enthusiasm.

Standard flight lessons last from one to two hours. Cross flights are usually much longer. In any case, you will need a headset to relax. Nothing can eliminate the pleasure of flying, such as an unpleasant and unsatisfactory headset.

There are many aspects that determine whether or not your headset will be comfortable. These 4 elements are:

– Strengthening Strength

– Weight

– Adjustability

– Charge

Passive-noise pilots headphones need to be depressed to avoid noise. This is truly one of the few benefits of ANR test headsets. They do not require large amounts of traffic jams. Because pilots have different shapes and sizes, the easiest way to find the best shape is to have a couple of headphones. Most headphones have clamping screws to adjust compression pressure.

A heavy ear can cause shoulder and neck discomfort during long flights. When looking for experimental headphones, study the specific weights of several headphones and choose the lightest one possible.

The more ways the headset changes, the bigger it can fit on your head. When looking for a headset, look for the number of ways that can be changed.

Ideally, the right amount and types of airbags tend to make a real difference between relaxing headphones and cushioning. Two of the most common areas of relaxation will be ear cups and under the head. Looking for the ideal headset is a challenge that many pilots endure when they first start. To simplify your problematic search, simply search Google for reviews, as well as accessories for each headset and more. After a quick search, I noticed that there are many sites listed that provide me with a great deal of information on the best search for aviation headsets. After searching for days, I decided to buy a Bose x aviation headset. It wasn't one of my pricing goals, but I & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; I was more than happy with my decision, and after many hours of flying I had never been more comfortable flying.

Extra-Relative Communication and How It Can Save Your Internet Business:

The idea of ​​communication is that the sites of common interest
should be linked to drive more traffic to each other
and increase their "popularity". Search engines like:
Google, give a much higher ranking to sites with high rankings
popularity. They feel that when many sites link
it's yours, & # 39; mark rating value.

The standard philosophy of linking most sites is:
"Link page" linking all of your communication partners to one
shared swimming pool, without any indexing. This type of communication will be:
it only helps you with the SE classification, but not with the sales.

The staircase follows the page of links that has been indexed:
your site is easier to find. A much better solution if you are
should have a link page.

Of course, the best link in the world is when your partner
puts you on its homepage. I tell you, it's enough to do
any Net Marketer buys voluntary spam. Nevertheless,
the possibilities of that scenario are not small.

Let's say that & nbsp; & nbsp; & n & amp;
from the strategies outlined above. There is a better option.

Additional / link link. As an example:

Let's say your site sells only pencils, and you link to a:
a partner who sells paper; it is complementary.

Relational communication then gives value to everyone
linking suggestions using these facts:

Page Rank: Is it more or less equal?

Search Engine Classification: Both partners are well positioned.

Traffic. Is the exchange of traffic equal?

As can be seen, some of the above are:
exchangeable, but should not be accepted as a form of judgment;
worth each bid. Depending on the circumstances,
diverse partners will have a worthwhile value that will give:
they are more or less important to your site.

The ideal thing is when you find a connecting partner:
a complementary / relative approach built into it;
sales plan and layout of its website.
Meaning: Location, Location, Location.

Without the above approach, to gain many opportunities:
will fly extra income from your net business.
The above paragraph should be even more relevant when you:
consider the age of rapid broadband usage.
It comes sooner than anyone imagined. spelling
lots of text only at the bottom of the sites.

For all good reasons you should strive to create
as a complementary / connecting link with additional partners;
Build Your Web Site Worthy To Make Them As Influential:
you can. All bells and whistles. Provide plenty of space and
graphics for them, trading full-page articles and resources.
It is very important: Have them do the same for your business.

In conclusion, I encourage you to include multimedia and:
broadband revolution as a principle of self-preservation.
People who take all their resources and put them into a
only text links on the page, turns and bumps will be affected
not so good in the near future.

Analysis of Bodrillard's philosophy

Budrillard is a postmodern, post-structuralist philosopher known for his unique contributions to the world. His contextual ideas govern many concepts such as technology, phase logic, functionality, hyperfunctionality, symbolic, hypermarket, simulacrum, and simulation.

Most notable is Bodrillard's reading of technology. In the postmodern world, technology is built on great stories of opposition and opposition. The world is debating whether to apply to eco-farms or to genetically engineered seeds. Environmentalists and technologists are at war with each other. Technology invades a person's privacy. Yes, somehow. Cyber ​​firms like Google and Yahoo collect personal information and pass it on to generate ads. In the tech society, we are out of control. There are also positive technological impacts, such as the proliferation of social media and its use by individuals. Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, and Blogger, such as blogs, help shape public opinion, and they also help spread news that has been overlooked by mainstream media.

There are three levels of simulation for Budrillard and they are the first, the second and the third. The first level of simulation is an obvious copy of reality. This can be exemplified by reporting on current events, such as the coup in Zimbabwe. The second level of modeling breaks the boundary between reality and representation. An example that can be used is the model of the DNA model depicting the model. The third type of reality is the one produced in virtual space. To illustrate: Let's take the game "Blue Whale" – a virtual game that causes teenagers to commit suicide. Another example: There will be an editorial commentary for the newspaper. For Baudrillard, all these simulations work together to create a hyper-tech society.

The next idea used by Baudrillard is vague logic. This can be explained by an example: For example, air conditioning in cars can be installed to operate in automatic mode. Pilots can set flight patterns in automatic mode. These are examples of false logic. Another example would be computer simulated war games.

The next idea used by Baudrillard is hyperfunctionality. A classic example of hyperfunctionality is hypermarkets. In the hypermarket we buy all kinds of consumer goods. Today's postmodern societies like to use gadgets. Gizmo is a technological structure designed to provide consumers with fun and usefulness.

The next concept used by Bodrillard is the symbolic end. I would like to disagree with Bodrillard. As an example I would like to use the language. Language is a symbolic construction of signs, and signs consist of signs and signs. What is meant is an abstract idea, and the announcer is a very sensible thing and belongs to the sensory domain. Newspaper editions are symbolic as they belong to the field of ideas. All of our communication in the process of using language is symbolic.

The next concept used by Baudrillard is simulacra. A simulacrum is defined as an original for which no copies exist. An example would be the media that gives an opinion on current affairs. Depending on whether the media is right or left-wing, as the simulation differs.

Halkidiki vacation in northern Greece can be a pleasant surprise

There are many famous places in northern Greece worth visiting. But Halkidiki is the place where a growing number of tourists are accepted. Halkidiki is located on the shores of the Aegean Sea, and the small area is full of beach resorts. The tourist destination looks like three legs if they look up (some will say 3 fingers tore) and they go out to sea. To reach the peninsula you have to fly from Thessaloniki airport. There are lots of real estate in Halkidiki that you can rent, but the villas are the most exciting.

Typical European style houses

Rental Halkidiki villas will generally be large, with 4-5 bedrooms and many bathrooms. You can take your whole family or a large group of friends and stay calm. You can find houses that are fully furnished, and the kitchen is also equipped with everything you need to prepare your own meals. Since you have chosen a beach resort for this holiday, choose one of the features of Halkidiki that is the beach itself. The amenities offered are in line with similar amenities anywhere in Europe. They provide linen and television with DVD player for entertainment and more. Check out these properties in Halkidiki to rent online and make a reservation. Technology allows you to get a fair look at the location on Google Maps. So you will not be too surprised at your arrival.

Things to do in Halkidiki

Depending on your particular interest, you can spend your vacation in Halkidiki. After gathering and settling in one of the Halkidiki villas, the calm waters of the Aegean Sea will keep you captive. The view from the villa balcony will be another way to relax and enjoy the time. But if you want to explore your surroundings, there are historic sights on the islands. The Petralonais Cave is an attraction that tourists never miss.

If you want to see some churches on the islands, take time and learn their history. Some have interesting stories about them, such as converting to a mosque and later restoring Christian faith.

No harm in eating joints

You may never be far from a Chalkidiki restaurant. Like the Tourist fall tourist destination, resorts have their own food places, and there are a number of cuisines available. Local preparations and locally produced wine cause quite a stir among tourists. Try them at least once to gather experience.

Generally a good place to vacation, Halkidiki should be your next vacation destination if you want to spend that leisure time. There are no moments to keep and no rush in traffic.